Ship Masters

It is difficult to convince experienced masters that other ways of thinking may be more effective, for the simple reason that there is a natural tendency to keep applying the methods which they have learned. It is also hard to imagine new ways of working without being shown them first.* can consult and demonstrate on the following subject matters in order to facilitate a more complete picture for the Ship’s master or shipping organization. Think, plan, use the best sources of information, consult with colleagues to ever improve.


  • Zero Visibility (Precision) Route Piloting
  • Dead Ship/Flat Tow Ship Handling
  • Deep Draft (20 meters) Ship Handling
  • Tractor Tug Deployment and Use
  • Emergency Ship Handling
  • Standard and Emergency (Precision) Anchoring Procedures
  • Master/Pilot Relationship
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Deliberate Calm

* Julian Parker - Tug Use Offshore