Tug Use Offshore, Bays and Rivers, Nautical Institute, 2006

The authors cover in considerable detail the methods which are used to maneuver tugs and tug/barge combinations. The book covers Boat Handling; Towing Equipment; Ocean Towing; Towing and Maneuvering in harbors, bays and river; Towing close astern, North American, Canadian and European approaches; Multiple barge towing; Emergency ship towing; Dead ship towing; Watch standing priorities when towing; and Command.


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Magazine Articles:

Deliberate Calm

This article, written by George and Grant, underscores the need for specific training regarding the need for deliberate calm during crisis situations at sea.


The Role of the Pilot

This article, written by George, seeks to define and defend the role of the pilot worldwide, regardless of region.


Joint Resolution Regarding Criminalization of Aviation Accidents

This document should be of interest to all mariners as criminalization is not just relevant to marine transportation but is spreading to aviation. (Pdf)