No matter the piloting ground, a great deal of training, skill and experience are required of any pilot anywhere. A pilot must possess the skill to not only safely navigate ships but, just as important, to know when to advise against commencing an evolution. ShipandTug.com believes individual mariners and maritime organizations should share professional skills and values, values that come from within, not imposed from outside. We also believe a balance must be struck between cascading liabilities due to risk and the certainty of public demand for commerce. We encourage our fellow pilots to use this site for the sharing of ideas. We can consult on any of the following subjects.


  • Zero Visibility Ship Handling
  • Dead Ship/Flat Tow Ship Handling
  • Deep Draft (20 meters) Ship Handling
  • Tractor Tug Deployment and Use
  • Emergency Ship Handling
  • Apprentice Pilot Training
  • Standard and Emergency (Precision) Anchoring Procedures
  • Master Pilot Relationship
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Deliberate Calm