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    Providing innovative solutions to ship, tug, and barge handling challenges
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    Delivering unique solutions and support through customized assessment, consulting and training
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    We uphold and enhance professional standards & practices supporting the individual mariner and the overall industry
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    It is incumbent upon us all to work for the greater good; from upholding professional standards and mariner's rights to safeguarding The Public Trust

Knowledge of the sea and the effects that the sea has on vessels is a prime requirement for any successful mariner, regardless of the vessel in which he/she serves. One starts with a study of the basic principles and the available information relating to these principles. The basic knowledge acquired through study must then be exercised at sea in order for the mariner to own what he/she has studied. But in order for the basic principles to be meaningful there has to be a clear understanding of what is happening and why.* It is the intent of to provide answers to many of the unique problems that present themselves to those organizations and individuals involved in marine transportation and maritime regulation and law.

* Rear Admiral D.G. Ramsey - Tug Use Offshore

Tug Use Offshore in Bays and Rivers

Our book covers in considerable detail the methods which are used to maneuver tugs and tug/barge combinations.
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